Fashion Laboratoire 


Laboratoire , french for Laboratory


A place to experiment and try out new trends or reinterpret old ones.The purpose is to stand out in some sort of way and develop ones own style.


Myriam Bunni is a 17 year old passionnée de mode and major foodie living in Abu Dhabi, UAE.From an iraqi and lebanese background, her love for all things fabulous inspired her to start up a blog and make the fashion spotlight shine on the UAE.

An aspiring designer, Myriam is in the process of launching her own line of Pret-a-porter.

Her philosophy reflects on her blog’s concept.


‘Fast Fashion is dominating our world and sucking all our originality and creative juices along the way.It’s no fun walking around in an outfit that more than half the population owns.That’s why I created Fashion Laboratoire, a brand which focuses on quality and design.Every item is available in limited quantities to ensure you stand out from the crowd’